Born in 1969 to eccentric parents and growing up in a large Georgian property in rural Lincolnshire has informed my creativity and artistic practice. Now as an independent artist I enjoy the freedom of both living and working in the Highlands of Scotland, composing pieces with a reflection of both myself and my surroundings. I work in a variety of media to explore the themes around my environment, childhood and memory. 

Damien Hirst commented, “Arts about life and it can’t be really about anything else… there isn’t anything else.”[1]

Immortalising things which have a resonance to me, I also explore the relationship between these objects and materials, combining materiality and assemblage to build a visual language within these connections.

Having achieved a BA honours in glass and ceramics from Sunderland University I then worked in a bronze casting foundry learning and understanding metal casting techniques. Taking the mould making and lost wax knowledge back into University I explored glass casting and slip casting processes whilst studying for a Master’s degree. During this time I had the privilege of working with some incredible people who gave me the opportunity to work in new ways. Photography and film making became accessible because of the generosity of both students and staff within Sunderland University and I articulated my thoughts through the layering of these two disciplines.   


[1] Damien Hirst cited in Damien Hirst, ‘I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now’ (Booth-Clibborn Editions; Reduced edition, 2005), 20–21


2021- Cabinets, Houses and I- Gallery Pop, Forres 

2021- Old Work/ New Perspective - Contemporary Glass Society, online

2020- One Day at a Time- Silent Exhibition, Links Studios, Nairn  

2020- RunRabbitRun - Projectroom2020, Art North, online

 2020- Glass Meet the Future - North Lands Creative, online

2019- MA exhibition - National Glass Center, Sunderland

  2018 - 121st Annual Exhibition - Society of Scottish Artists, Edinburgh

2018- 40/40 Vision, Wasps Artists, Kirkcudbright

  2017 - Top of the Stairs- Links Studios, Nairn 

2016 - Fly- Visual Arts Scotland, Edinburgh

2016- Nairn Book and Arts, Nairn 

2009 - New Designers - London

 Glasshaus IV - Parndon Mill, Essex 

 Chase - Royal College of Art, London